How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer 2022?10 Methods

Want to be a writer? Okay. Problem-free. Becoming a professional, paid writer isn't easy - you'll need to compose a few thousand words – but it is possible.

Start a Blog - A blog is essential for any writer. It's an excellent venue for gaining exposure and honing your voice.

Pitch a Guest Post - Guest post for the guys? Read the blog's publishing criteria and pitch a guest post. If all goes well, you'll have a byline, a clip, and cash.

Pitch Your Alma Mater - Your alumni magazine hires past students. Read your magazine's pitch guidelines, read some old issues, and email a great idea.

Write a Listicle- You're already comparing Jack Nicholson's Joker to Heath Ledger's, so why not be paid? Listverse and TopTenz pay for smart top 10 lists, and other pop-culture sites love listicles.

Self-Publish Your Book - As a series, it seems like a no-brainer. Like how Andy Weir serialised The Martian on his blog, you may post your work in instalments. Actually, he got signed by a film studio.

Sign Up with a Content Site - Some content sites provide better money and tasks than others. Take my recommendation for Crowdsource as a starting point.

Become a Copywriter - After learning to create clean copy for content sites, becoming a copywriter is a reasonable next step. I took this step after writing for content sites for roughly a year.

Enter a Writing Contest - Writing contests don't differentiate between novices and pros. The Write Life lists 27 free writing contests with cash awards.

Write Fan Fiction - Seriously. Amazon pays you 35% of your sales if you write 10,000+ words on your favourite characters. Beginners are welcome.

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Pitch for Jobs - Submitting a few applications and hoping your fingers can land you your first freelance blogging gig. It's feasible to achieve with basic writing skills and hard work.