Google Won't Penalize For Not Having H1 Attributes

Google's John Mueller said that Google would never penalize a site for not having an H1.

This was on Reddit when John said that adding H1 is the right practice but even if it is not added, you won't be penalized

This means when it comes to using H1 attributes, and headers on your content, not using it won't lead to a Google website penalty.

John wrote, "You will never be penalized for not having an H1." He further added, "It's just good practice, and it's usually something you can get for little to no effort."

Earlier, John also said  H1s are not critical to ranking

In a Reddit thread he said, "And, some people do hide them from being seen, which is a bad practice, but not one that will result in your site disappearing from search -- with the same amount of work, you might as well just style them and show them."