Free Social Media Analytics Tool 2022 for Social Media Marketing – GCTEKPM

What are Social Media Analytics? Social media analytics is the collection of data from social media networks to assist marketing strategy.

1. Buffer Analyse:  Buffer Analyse is a social media analytics tool for online organizations who want to measure their outcomes without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Sprout Social:  Sprout Social is an enterprise-level social media management platform. Cross-channel social listening analyses themes, hashtags, and keywords.

1. Hootsuite:  Hootsuite manages, listens, publishes, and analyses social media. It helps you determine what content works, increase post reach, improve ad effectiveness.

4. Zoho Social  Zoho is robust software package that offers customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration, and other SaaS alternatives to manage your complete business process.

5 Sendible   Sendible monitors, listens, and reports on social media. It provides insights into post content, engagement, mentions, and audience profiles across digital channels.

6. Keyhole : To keep tabs on your events, campaigns, influencer activity, brand mentions, and industry-specific social conversations, Keyhole provides a number of different trackers.

7. Rival IQ   Using Rival IQ, you can keep tabs on multiple competitors and evaluate how they're doing in terms of SEO and other online marketing channels.

8. Social Report  Social Report summarises your social and blog activity. You may track new topics, measure ROI, and export the data.

9. Socialbakers   Socialbakers features numerous profile tracking, KPIs, competitive intelligence, and automatic reports.

10. Iconosquare  Iconosquare allows you to monitor, enhance, and report on the efficacy of your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram.

11. Tailwind  Tailwind schedules content, monitors interactions, and analyses performance for Pinterest and Instagram.

12. Likealyzer  Meltwater's Likealyzer analyses Facebook pages. It checks your Facebook Page's posts each day, interaction per post, timing, and length.

13. Cyfe:  Cyfe  is an adaptable dashboard that can be populated with data from a wide variety of marketing platforms.

14. Union Metrics  The Twitter analytics service TweetReach has been bought by Union Metrics, a suite of social intelligence tools.

15. Google Analytics  Google Analytics is designed to analyse website traffic in depth, but it's also valuable for studying social media as a marketing channel and traffic source.

16. Quintly  To keep tabs on how active you are throughout the various social media platforms, use Quintly, an analytics tool designed for large businesses.