Top 13 Amazon Seller Tools for Newbies in 2022

Here we will show you best 13 tools for amazon sellers for free to get more sales and regular income in a relatively short time.

Octoparse : It's a free app for Windows and Mac to scrape Amazon data. Octoparse can extract product facts, reviews, and profiles.

Keyworx: It is an Amazon keyword tracker. Having the appropriate keywords in your Amazon listing is vital for SEO. that tops Amazon searches

Amazon Seller App: Free retail arbitrage tool. It scans products and gives FBA sellers a suggested selling price. This app is simple yet a nice starting point.

Camelcamelcamel: This is an excellent resource for new Amazon FBA sellers, since it provides a variety of information and tools in one convenient location.

Profit Bandit: Once you've opted to be an Amazon FBA seller, you can buy a paid tool. Profit Bandit is cheap at $15/month.

Unicorn Smasher: Product research is vital for Amazon FBA businesses. Knowing your product, competition, and consumer prices can make a big impact.

AMZ Finder: Amazon FBA sellers must also consider user reviews. Customer reviews help rank your Amazon listing and convince potential buyers to buy.

Price Blink: Price Blink is a browser extension that compares prices across multiple online retailers to get you the best deal.

Sellics: As your business grows, consider subscribing to an Amazon seller management service. Sellics is an Amazon FBA tool.

Amazon SEO Consultant: Consulting with an Amazon SEO expert can help FBA sellers see a meteoric rise in product rankings and sales.

Zon.Tools: Zon, Amazon PPC's Enterprise Management and Automation Software, will put you ahead of the competition.

Amazon FBA Calculator: Amazon FBA Calculator gives further information such as Sales rank, Price, of sellers to easily pre-fill the calculator and view Profit, Revenue, ROI, etc.

Zonbase: Zonbase helps sellers identify the greatest Amazon items. Zonbase's suite of 13+ web-based tools may assist Amazon sellers create their business from scratch with tools.