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How to Save Yahoo Email Folders to Flash Drive? Manual Method

Summary: Do you want to create more capacity for storing incoming and outgoing emails? The most effective approach is to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive. This section of the blog will educate you on the value of preserving emails as copies as well as the process for doing so. Read everything carefully to become proficient in both the manual way to backup Yahoo email to flash drive 2022.

Email services based on the web or desktop are used by every company, person, small and medium-sized enterprise, and start-up. The emails are the most important part of the archive that must be kept for future usage in a variety of contexts.

Important email correspondence belonging to a user may, on occasion, be intercepted by a third party or get corrupted due to a variety of factors. Then he could have to deal with a significant or substantial loss. Therefore, as a safety measure, we need to make sure that we back up our emails on a hard drive. Today, we are going to talk about Yahoo Mail, which is widely considered to be one of the top email services. Continue reading if you want to learn how to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive.

As a result, today we will talk about the reasons to backup Yahoo email to flash drive as well as the techniques to do it. But before we go any further, let’s take a moment to go through a few of the many benefits to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive.

Benefits of Taking Backup Yahoo Email to Flash Drive

There are an infinite number of reasons, each of which may be unique to the individual user. The following is a list of some of them for your perusal.

  • Users who have saved a backup copy of their Yahoo emails may retrieve their messages in the event that Yahoo experiences an outage.
  • Prevent data loss in the event of a malware attack or in the event that Yahoo emails are deleted inadvertently.
  • The freeing up of space in your Yahoo Mail account may be facilitated to backup Yahoo email to flash drive.
  • Make it possible to access all of the emails stored in Yahoo accounts even when the user is not connected to the internet.

Keeping your Yahoo emails on a hard disc or USB flash drive offers a number of benefits, some of which are listed below. Let’s get started learning about the several ways to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive.

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Manual Methods to Save Yahoo Email Folders to Flash Drive

You may utilize the ways that are listed below to effectively complete the process of downloading the file. When it comes to manually method to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive, we have devised every single one of the most effective tips and strategies available.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Yahoo Emails

It makes it possible to preserve a duplicate of individual Yahoo emails. To begin, open the Yahoo email that contains the file you need to download. After that, you should copy every component or piece of data from the email and then paste it into a document created in Word. Save the Word document at a later time. It is a straightforward process to copy individual emails from Yahoo Mail.

Method 2: Save Yahoo Emails to Flash Drive using Outlook

You may save your Yahoo messages on a USB drive if you have a Microsoft Outlook account. It’s useful for exporting Yahoo Mail to other formats like PST or OST or even a simple text file. Yahoo emails may be exported to Microsoft Outlook once users have first set up Yahoo Mail with Outlook. Don’t fret; Outlook can be set up to save Yahoo email folders to flash drive.

  1. Get started with Microsoft Outlook by logging in.
  2. Select File, then add an existing account.

    save Yahoo email folders to flash drive

  3. To continue with manual account setup, please input the Yahoo email address and choose this option. It’s time to link up, so just tap the button.
  4. To proceed, choose POP from the menu provided by the wizard.
  5. If two-factor authentication was set up, please provide the app’s password. (Enter Yahoo password if two-step verification is disabled)
  6. You have successfully integrated your Yahoo and Outlook accounts.
  7. So, let’s go on and import Yahoo emails into Outlook.
  8. From the Outlook homepage, choose File > Open & Export > Import & Export.
  9. Select Export to file, then continue.
  10. You may choose between two different file types: Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Outlook Data File. To proceed, please click Next.
  11. Click the Next button once you’ve decided to use your Yahoo account.
  12. Choose where you want to store the exported Yahoo messages, and make any other selections you’d like. To save Yahoo email folders to flash drive, tap Finish when you’re done.

Drawback of using Manual Methods to Save Yahoo Email Folders to Flash Drive

  • To store all of one’s emails from Yahoo Mail to a flash drive is a laborious and time-consuming operation.
  • Using the approach that involves copying and pasting, one is only able to save a single email at a time from their Yahoo account.
  • In order to carry out the processes, there must be a person who has what seem to be strong technical abilities.
  • In order to operate the procedures, familiarity with Microsoft Outlook is required.


We have covered the significance of emails in our day-to-day lives as well as the benefits of maintaining a backup file of our Yahoo emails in the article that you are now reading. In addition, the answer to one of the most often asked questions, which is “How can I save Yahoo email folders to flash drive?”, can be found here. Users may backup Yahoo email to flash drive by following the instructions in the handbook. When using the manual approach, users may on occasion run across a few restrictions. I’m hoping you figured out the answer. Thank you so much for reading.

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