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How to Migrate from Gmail to Office 365? Complete Guide

Migrate from Gmail to Office 365: Gmail is a renowned web-based email application service that caters to the demands of people and enterprises of all sizes. But understanding the viability of Outlook 365 for enterprise-level needs, many firms are shifting over to it. However, if you are searching to migrate from Gmail to Office 365, here are some procedures you need to follow:

Manual Method to Migrate from Gmail to Outlook 365

Step I: Verify domain to begin, you will need to inform Outlook 365 that you have a domain associated with your Gmail account to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

2 Step: Create a User and Add that User to Office 365

  1. Start Office 365, then after it’s running, go to the Admin Centre.
  2. Now, choose Active Users by clicking on the Users menu item.
  3. Next, pick the Import Multiple Users option by going to the More tab and clicking on it. The CSV file requires that you include the Username, First Name, Last Name, Displaying Name, Age, and any other relevant information.
  4. To verify a file that you have created and uploaded, first select the Browse button in the Generate and upload file section.
  5. Now there is a dialogue window that appears, saying, “Your file looks okay,” and you should hit the Next button when it does.

3 Step: Move the List of Gmail Mailboxes to the New Server

  1. Enter your credentials to access the G Suite admin console.
  2. Navigate to Users, then choose the list of users from the Google Admin Center from the drop-down menu.
  3. Check each of the user’s email addresses, and make a note of them thereafter.
  4. After that, sign in to the Outlook 365 admin center, click on the Users menu item, and then go to the Active Users section to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.
  5. Open up Excel at this point, and begin entering the email address, username, and password for each mailbox into the appropriate rows.
  6. Finally, make sure the CSV file is saved.

Step 4: Establish endpoints for Transfer Creating Migration endpoints using Office 365. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Exchange admin centre, and after that, choose the Recipients option.
  2. Now, go to the Migration tab and select on the Migration endpoints before pressing them.
  3. Next, choose the new button, and after that, select the IMAP option to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.
  4. The IMAP migration setup page loads when you click this link. Please provide the information in the spaces provided: server address for IMAP access: Settings: default
  5. To continue, click the Next button. Now, the page for entering general information may be accessed. On that screen, enter the name of the migration endpoint.

Step 5: Transfer Mailboxes to Migrate from Gmail to Office 365

  1. Launch Outlook 365, and then go to the administrative centers.
  2. Next, choose the Exchange by clicking on it, and then go to the Recipients tab.
  3. After selecting Migration using the mouse, proceed to hit the New button. After that, choose the option that’s labelled “Migrate to Exchange Online.”
  4. Now, choose IMAP Migration, and then click the Next button after making your selection. Once you have clicked the Browse button, the page that asks you to Select the Users will come up.
  5. Click the Next button once you have navigated to the CSV file that was prepared previously for the purposes of migrating.
  6. After the verification process is complete, Gmail mailboxes will be shown. Press the Next button on your keyboard.
  7. This page, titled “Set the migration endpoint,” can be found here. is launched, choose the migration endpoint that was selected previously, and then click the Next option after making your selection.
  8. The window for configuring IMAP Migration has now been brought up. After ensuring that the default settings are correct, proceed by clicking the Next button.
  9. On the page for configuring Move, give the migrating batch its proper name.
  10. Now, begin the process of migrating in batch form to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

Step 6: Modify Existing DNS Records in Preparation for Migration

  1. Launch the Admin Centre, go to the Settings menu, and then choose Open Domain before selecting your domain name.
  2. The next step is to add MX Records to your DNS. Following that, the emails are migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

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