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How to Import MSG Files into Outlook 2019, 2016 & 2013 All Versions?

Import MSG Files into Outlook: The message is stored in MSG format whenever a user drags and drops an email from Outlook onto their desktop. MSG files are fantastic for protecting your privacy since they only allow you to share a single email rather than the whole contents of a PST file. However, when it concerns to scalability and distributing numerous emails, MSG performs far worse than other formats. It’s possible that the primary motivation for users to desire to import MSG files into Outlook is the ability to share and transport their data.

In this piece of writing, I will discuss many free options that may be used to import MSG files into Outlook.

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Import MSG Files in Outlook 2019, 2016 Manually

To transfer MSG files into Outlook is a simple process. Users have the option of generating MSG files using the same Drag and Drop process.

Method 1: Drag MSG file and Drop

  1.     First things first, launch Outlook.
  2.     Then To create a new folder, choose the Folder tab in the navigation bar. (In this instance, we’re talking about “MSG emails”)
  3.     Navigate to the folder containing the MSG files, and then choose the MSG files.
  4.     Now you may move MSG files into the newly formed folder by dragging and dropping them there.

import MSG files into Outlook is a straightforward and uncomplicated operation. You may try using the copy-and-paste approach instead, just in case it doesn’t work for you.

Method 2: Copy & Paste to Transfer MSG files into Outlook

  1.     The first step is to copy all of the MSG files, so go to the folder containing the MSG files.
  2.     After that, launch Outlook and paste the items into the specified folder inside Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Method to Transfer MSG file into Outlook

  •       The outdated MSG file is incompatible with the most recent version of Outlook.
  •       The procedure to import MSG files into Outlook is one that requires a lot of time.
  •       A person without technical expertise is capable of carrying out these approaches, but they must have total direction.
  •       You will not succeed unless you pay attention to each stage. Otherwise, it might result in the loss of data.

Final Words to Import MSG Files to Outlook

As is common knowledge, Outlook is an email client that utilizes the PST file format for storing the data. On the other hand, it just saves individual messages in MSG format. In addition, MSG can be opened in any text editor without difficulty since it is a text file. It is a standard format for emails, and its components include things like the header, recipient, and sender of the email, among other things.

Users may wish to tranfer MSG files into Outlook under certain circumstances. As a result, in order to do this process without encountering any obstacles, we have covered various simple and cost-effective solutions that will allow MSG files to be imported into Outlook with ease.

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