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How to Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account?

Because it is now feasible to import Google Takeout to another Google account, it is now possible to transfer data from one Google account to another. In this post, we are going to provide you with assistance in importing your data by elaborating on the technique in depth and providing a comprehensive explanation of it all.

Google Takeout is a feature that Google offers to its customers that allows them to download the data that is stored in their Google account onto their own computer system. MBOX is a file format that may be used to store e-mails, contacts, photos, and videos, along with any other kind of data item, in a local location on your machine. When consumers want to make a backup copy of their essential account information, this is the approach they should turn to.

After you have been successful in saving the material of your account, you may run into problems while attempting to import Google Takeout to another Google account. In the next posts of this blog, let us brainstorm any and all viable solutions to the problem.

How to Import Google Takeout to New Account Manually?

When it comes to moving your account data, the most effective method is to use the built-in Google Takeout tool, which is a sophisticated option. It will save all of the information in file for you to access later. The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken in order to import Google Takeout to another Google account:

Method 1 : Google Takeout Allows you to Save Data

  1. To begin, you will need to use legitimate credentials to sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. After that, go to or choose the option to ‘Manage your Google Account.’
  3. Scroll down after selecting the Data & Privacy option from the menu on the left.
  4. Choose ‘Download your data’ from the menu located in the section labelled ‘Data from applications and services you use.
  5. You are about to be taken to the page for Google Takeout. You will need to choose the data that you want to retain on your system as well as the data that you do not want to keep to import Google Takeout to another Google account.
  6. To continue, click the icon labelled “Next step.” Select the kind of file, the frequency, and the destination. Simply choose the “Create Export” option.
  7. After this, Google will go to work and start drafting up the copy. After the process is finished, your information will be stored on your machine to import Google Takeout to another Google account.

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Method 2: Transfer Google Takeout to New Account

The next step is to transfer the data to Thunderbird to import Google Takeout to another Google account. Because downloaded contacts and calendars are saved in.csv and.ics formats, respectively, and because Google gives a direct option to import both types of files, you will have no trouble importing them directly.

However, in their current state inside the .MBOX file, emails present a significant challenge when attempting to import Google Takeout to another Google account. Let’s find out how they may be brought into the country.

Phase 1: Configure Gmail and Thunderbird Accounts

  1. Get the Thunderbird email client and install it on your computer to import Google Takeout to new account.
  2. After starting Thunderbird, go to the File menu and choose New, followed by Mail Account to set up a new account.
  3. Please provide your full name, your Gmail email address, and your password. After ensuring that IMAP is chosen, click the “Continue” button.
  4. Simply pick the “Create Account” button, and Thunderbird will acquire the settings immediately to import Google Takeout to another Google account.
  5. Your Gmail account and all of your emails will be shown in the pane labelled “All Folders” in the Gmail web interface.
  6. The email client, Mozilla Thunderbird, is not correctly configured to work with the Gmail account.

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Phase 2: Install the “ImportExportTools” Add-on for Thunderbird

  1. ImportExportTools is an extension for Thunderbird that can be downloaded from the company’s website.
  2. Simply click on the link that says “Download ImportExportTools (MBOX Import improved)” here.
  3. Download the .xpi file by right-clicking on this link and selecting “Save target as” from the context menu.
  4. Go into your Thunderbird application and pick “Tools – Add-ons” from the menu. Then, when the Add-ons windows appear, click the “Install” button.
  5. Installing requires pointing to the. xpi file that was downloaded and following the steps that appear.
  6. The Thunderbird client should then be killed and started again to import Google Takeout to another Google account.

Phase 3: Extract the Google Takeout Zip File

  1. Extract the contents of file that you obtained using Google Takeout.
  2. There will be multiple .MBOX files shown, each with a name that corresponds to its corresponding label in Gmail.

Phase 4: Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account

  1. Import the MBOX file into a local folder in Thunderbird by using the navigation pane to do so.
  2. Right-click on “Local Folders,” then choose “Import/Export – Import MBOX file” from the menu that appears.
  3. Choose the option to “import directly one or more MBOX files” and then click the “OK” button to import Google Takeout to new account.
  4. Find the folder from which you previously extracted the MBOX files using the files browser and open it.
  5. Select the MBOX file that is associated with the label that requires restoration, and then click the “Open” button.
  6. The emails associated with the label will import at this point.

Step 5: Copy the E-mails and Paste them into your Google Account

  1. The importation of Google Takeout orders into a new account has reached its final stage.
  2. To import a label from Thunderbird to Gmail, go to the left panel on the left of Thunderbird and click on the “Local Folders” option. Next, choose the folder which has the same name as the label you want to import Google Takeout to another Google account.
  3. After selecting all of the emails included in that folder, right-click them, and pick the option to “Copy to [your Gmail account] – [the name of the label].” (In this context, ‘Gmail account’ refers to the email address of the Gmail account that will receive the recovered emails, and ‘Label Name’ refers to the path of the label to which those emails will be imported.)
  4. In the end, all of your emails will be stored in the Gmail account that was intended for them.


This page will describe how you can import Google Takeout to another Google account, and it will be located here. It is a solution blog that provides a lot of specific information that one has to follow in order to get the outcomes that they want. Due to the fact that this is a comprehensive answer to all of your questions, you will no longer need to stress about how you will be able to move data from one Google account to another.

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