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How to Take Backup of Google Keep Notes? Free Methods

If you are looking for a method for how to take backup of Google keep notes, then you are on the right page. Here I will show you completely free and the best methods to restore Google keep notes with complete information.

Google Keep is one of the best Android note-taking apps, though it’s far from the only one. If you’re thinking about switching note-taking apps, it’s a good idea to make a copy of all your notes first.

While Google Keep’s individual notes can be shared with any text-supporting app, Google Takeout is the better option for mass-copying the entire app’s worth of notes.

In addition to its inclusion in Google Workspace, the note-taking service Google Keep boasts a user base of over 500 million people. Notes, lists, audio recordings, and images can all be stored and managed neatly in Google Keep. Users in the corporate world can rest easy knowing their data is safe by regularly backing up their Google Keep.

Are Google Keep Notes Backed Up? – yes, you can take backup of Google keep notes, also you can share these notes with others.

Users can easily take backup and share the Google keep documents using the Google takeout method. The complete method will describe below:

How Do I Take Backup of Google Keep Notes using Google Takeout?

  1. Open Google Takeout on your device.
  2. Now click on the “Deselect All” option and scroll down and choose the “Keep” option from the list.

    Deselect All

  3. Select the checkbox labeled “Keep” and press the “Keep” button.


  4. Get to the bottom of this page and hit the “Next step” button.

    Next step

  5. Choose the exported file’s format, export interval, and final location.
  6. Select “Create export” to get started to take backup of Google keep notes.

    Create export

  7. The data can be downloaded after the export process is finished. The Keep export can be downloaded by visiting the “Manage your exports” page and selecting the “Download” button.


  8. When complete, the downloaded Google Keep data will appear in a .zip folder in the user’s local Downloads folder. The notes can be retrieved in both HTML and JSON forms.

    how to take backup of google keep notes

Drawbacks of using the Google Takeout Method

  • Google Keep notes exported via Takeout cannot be re-imported.
  • Using Takeout to export your Google Keep is not a substitute for a full backup.
  • The user must keep track of downloads locally.
  • As it stands, not everyone can utilize Google Takeout. The IT administrator would have to add monitoring and controlling Google Takeout usage to their already lengthy list of administrative duties.

How Can I Share Google Keep Notes with Others?

  • Visit Google Keep to take backup of Google keep notes.
  • Simply select the note you want to send to others.
  • The “Collaborator” button must be clicked.
  • To invite another user to view your notes, type in their username or email address.
  • Identify the individual, then press the checkbox next to their name.
  • Select “Save” to take backup of Google keep notes.

Drawbacks of Sharing Google Keep Notes

  • There is a possibility that sharing notes with other users is not always a secure choice due to confidentiality problems.
  • The specific user must be specified for each note before it may be shared (s). The inability to communicate many notes simultaneously or all notes at once.
  • In the event that a shared note in Keep is erased by accident, it will be removed from all users’ copies of the app.

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Time to Say Goodbye

Here, we’ve outlined the steps for how to take backup of Google keep notes using either Google Takeout or sharing Google Keep documents with others. However, there are limitations to both approaches. For instance, if you retore Google Keep notes by utilizing Google Takeout, the data would be saved in HTML and JSON format. It can be accessed only after a great deal of effort. Other downsides include those already mentioned. I really want this essay to be useful to you.

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