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How to Reset Outlook PST File Password? Updated (2022)

In this write-up, we will show you the completely free methods to reset Outlook PST file password without any hassle. Also, here you will get the complete information about the process.

Many times, it happens when we export PST file of our Outlook, and while creating it we locked that file to keep safe data. But unfortunately, we forget it.

It is very important to remember the password, because when you locked the file, a pop-up appeared, which explains you that copy and keep the password in a safe place. Because there is a method available from Microsoft to reset Outlook data file password.

But don’t worry, I will show you the methods to recover Outlook PST file password.

What is Outlook PST File Password?

Your Outlook PST file’s contents can be safeguarded using a password. The owner of the file usually chooses and uses the password required to access the file.

Emails, contacts, calendar events, and tasks are just some of the common types of data stored in an Outlook data file. That’s why you need to pick a complex password that no one else knows.

To access the PST file in Microsoft Outlook, you’ll need the password. If you try to reset Outlook PST file password and open the file on a different computer, you will also be prompted for the password. If you open the file in another software, like Microsoft Word or Excel, you won’t need the password.

PST files that can be locked with a password are useful because they increase the safety of private information. Confidentiality of information stored in a PST file can be protected by restricting access to the file.

When protecting an Outlook PST file with a password, not only is it more difficult for an intruder to access the file, but it also discourages data theft by making it more difficult for the intruder to copy or relocate the file’s contents.

Outlook PST file passwords are useful for protecting sensitive data or using a program to reset Outlook PST file passwords or recover lost passwords, despite the fact that they are not foolproof and offer only limited password protection. This post can help you recover your email password.

Important Note: use these steps at your own risk, the owner is not responsible for data loss and corruption.

Manual Methods to Reset Outlook Data File Password

Important note: if you have an orphan PST file, then first you have to import it into your Outlook account.

  1. The open Outlook email client on your system.
  2. And then, right-click on the PST file and choose the “Data File Properties” option.
  3. Now choose Advanced → Change Password options to reset the Outlook PST file password.
  4. Next, type the new and old passwords here and hit the “ok” buttons.

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Method to Change Outlook Data File Password

  1. Open Outlook and hit the “File” >> “Info” >> “account settings” options.
  2. Now here click on the “Data Files” choose your PST file and hit the “Settings” button.
  3. After that, hit on the “change password” to reset Outlook PST file password.

If you lost your password and you want to reset Outlook PST file password, then you can take help from any third-party tool.

Reasons to Reset Outlook PST File Password

Emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and more can all be found in a user’s Outlook PST file, which serves as a database file for all of that information. Users may choose to safeguard sensitive information by encrypting it using passwords. The next sections detail the processes for modifying, erasing, and recovering passwords, all of which are possible after they have been initially set.

Reset Outlook PST File Password

If an Outlook user wishes to make the password for his personal storage folder (.PST) easier to remember, or if he wants to increase the file’s security by changing the password on a regular basis, he must modify the password. With the old PST file password, a user can either update or remove the password from the PST file.

Recover Outlook PST File Password

A protected PST file cannot be opened by Outlook if the user has forgotten the password or is attempting to open a very old or unknown version of the file. Eventually, the PST file will become inaccessible, at which point the original PST password will need to be recovered in order to regain access to the PST file.

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 Time to Say Goodbye

resetting Outlook PST file password is a simple process whether you need to utilize a password recovery tool or you already know your password.

Keep in mind that if you change the password for your windows user account, it will not affect the password for your MS Outlook PST file. When creating or changing passwords for Outlook data files, keep this in mind.

If you’ve managed to reset Outlook PST file password, the next step is to store it somewhere secure. Making a copy of your PST file is also a good idea in case you ever lose access to your email account again and forget your password.

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