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Free Methods to Import Microsoft 365 Email to Gmail Account

Import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail account: People are increasingly moving away from one email platform and toward another in an effort to obtain the best possible platform. Office 365 is favored by some users, while others prefer the intuitive user interface of Gmail for their email needs. So, this article will discuss manual methods to migrate Office 365 to Gmail account with attachments for free.

Reasons to Migrate Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account for Free

In contrast to Gmail, which can be used for both personal and professional correspondence, Office 365 is primarily marketed toward commercial users. As a direct consequence of this, some clients have the desire to import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail accounts so that they can use those accounts for both services.

Office 365 is a paid email service that requires a monthly subscription, whereas using Gmail (Personal) does not cost anything at all.

Gmail is favored by many customers over Microsoft 365 due to the former’s intuitive user interface. Before the user can continue to the destination platform, they are required to answer a few questions first. An example of an inquiry like this is provided down below:

“Hello there, I’m looking for a way to import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail account without sacrificing any of my data in the process. Therefore, in order to solve my problem, I require a solution that is straightforward. Please accept my sincere gratitude.”

Manual Methods to Import Microsoft 365 Email to Gmail Account

Those who have a free Gmail account and wish to transfer their data to that account have this choice available to them. As a result of its time-consuming nature, mass production is not possible. Next, if you’re interested in a tool that will help you transfer your O365 emails to a Gmail inbox, read on.

Unfortunately, this technique only works with POP3 email accounts.

  1. Sign into the Gmail account that will serve as the destination to migrate Office 365 to Gmail.
  2. To access the Settings menu, you will need to press the gear symbol.
  3. Navigate to the Accounts and Import tab in order to import your email and contact list.
  4. Followed by clicking the Continue button, please provide your Office 365 account information to import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail account.
  5. Make sure the Port ID is set to 995, and then input the password for your account.
  6. Select the Import mail options and select the necessary checkboxes.
  7. To get started, press the button labeled Start Import.
  8. You may check to see if your Office 365 emails have been imported into your Gmail account by opening your Gmail account and navigating to the Accounts and Import section.

Important Note: Manual method does not permit to import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail account in bulk simultaneously. To see all of your imported messages may take up to two or three days. On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages to the manual method that will be discussed below. The following automated process is recommended if you require prompt delivery of your e-mails.

Drawbacks of using Manual Methods to Import Office 365 Email to Gmail

One should be aware of the disadvantages of the manual method, which include the following:

  • Because it takes so much time and effort, the user could make some blunders along the way.
  • In the end, many users who weren’t tech savvy gave up trying to migrate Office 365 to Gmail because the process was too complicated.
  • Using a manual method could lead to inconsistencies in the data.

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Time to Say Goodbye

This article offers a solution to the troublesome process to import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail account. Using a method that is more professional, users are able to effortlessly and rapidly migrate their data. The sophisticated tool is easy to use and comes with a wide variety of additional options that enable users to choose to move data.


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