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How to Convert OLM to PST Manually? Free Guide 2023

Are you also one of them who are looking for the methods to convert OLM to PST manually? If yes, then you are on the right page, because here we will show you the simplest and free methods for OLM to PST conversion easily.

as we all know that, if we talk about the most well known and advanced email clients, then first Outlook application name comes in our minds. Because this is the best and advanced application launched by Microsoft. It helps to maintain your professional and personal data such as emails, contacts, calendar and so on.

Microsoft Outlook is available both for Windows and mac OS, with same advanced features. but they Outlook for Windows and Outlook for mac each application creates different format to save their data such as Outlook for Windows creates PST and Outlook for mac generate OLM format.

However, there are many situations comes when we have to convert OLM to PST manually, which we will explain you in coming section.

Reasons for OLM to PST Conversion

Following reasons will describe you the situations, that compel users to convert OLM to PST manually.

  • Sometimes users want to switch from mac to Windows, but wants to use continue Outlook account. In this situation, user have to convert OLM to PST format.
  • Also, there are chances users have orphan OLM file, which he/she wants to open in Windows Outlook.
  • May be, users want to share the OLM file in accessible format, and the other person is using Windows Outlook.

Cause whatever, mentioned steps will work on every situation to convert OLM to PST manually.

How to Convert OLM to PST Manually?

There are 4 steps for OLM to PST conversion, and this is the only method. All steps are mentioned below in details.

  • Step 1: Configure Gmail in Mac Outlook
  • Step 2: Import Emails to configured account
  • Step 3: Set up same account in Windows Outlook
  • Step 4: Export OLM to PST format

1 Step: Configure Gmail in Mac Outlook

  • Open Mac Outlook on your mac machine.
  • Click on the “Preference” >> accounts options.
  • Hit the plus (+) option and choose new account.
  • Enter the login details of Gmail account such as email address and created app password.
  • And grant the all permissions and hit the done button.

And your both accounts successfully configure. Now follow the second mentioned steps to convert OLM to PST manually.

2 Step: Import Emails to Configured Account

Your connected account will show on the screen, now move the emails or folder from mac Outlook account to configured account. Right click on the folders and move them or try the drag and drop method.

3 Step: Set up Same Account in Windows Outlook

  • Open Windows Outlook on Windows machine.
  • And click on the file >> add account options from the list.
  • Again, Enter the login details same, that you used previously.
  • And click on the “Login” button and aging grant the all permission.
  • Lastly, hit the done button, and your accounts will be connected.

4 Step: Export OLM to PST Format

  • Again, in Outlook click on the file tab and choose open & export >> import/export option from the list.
  • Now hit the export to a file >> Outlook data file (.PST) options from appearing list.
  • After that, hit the next icon and choose the folders of connected account, that you want to export.
  • Choose the destination, where you want to save the converted format
  • Lastly, apply the required filters and click on the “finish” button to convert OLM to PST manually.

Now your emails will be successfully converted from OLM to PST format. but these methods have some limitations that you must read first.

Drawbacks of Manually OLM to PST Conversion

  • Mac and Windows Outlook both must be installed on your system successfully.
  • High risk of data loss, while connecting, moving or exporting process.
  • Only email can be exported with this method.
  • No filter option available to avoid unwanted emails by exporting.
  • This method will take long time and energy.

Time to Say Goodbye

Here I mentioned the complete method to convert OLM to PST manually. Here we used 4 steps, which is the only one method for OLM to PST conversion with only emails. also, manual methods have some limitations, that you have to read first. And if you don’t wants to face any kind of problems or then you can take help of any expert solution available in market.

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