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Why Body of Email Not Showing in Outlook 2021? Solved

Have you ever come into a scenario in which body of email not showing in Outlook 2021? After learning that you can no longer access the contents of the emails sent by Outlook, do you find that you are experiencing feelings of anxiety? If such is the case, then you are in luck because you have found the appropriate blog to read since we are going to explain the solutions to the problems that occur when the body of an email sent from Outlook disappears. Therefore, continue to read the article and find a solution to the problem of the body of email not showing in Outlook 2021 as soon as you possibly can.

“Yesterday, as I was attempting to read an email message in my Outlook 2016, I ran into a significant problem in which the content of the email was not appearing in Outlook 2016. In addition to this, I am able to get a preview of the emails; but, when I attempt to open the message and read it, the body content disappears. It seems as if the email messages are in plain text, and they appear to be empty. Please assist me in finding a solution to fix the body of the email not showing in Outlook 2021! Thank You Very Much in Advance!”

There are several user inquiries that are quite similar to the one that has been detailed above, and you can find them posted in a variety of online forums. An outlook is an email software that is utilized regularly for both organizational and personal use, and it bestows enthralling features and capabilities. This is a reality, and it is an application that is used frequently.

When an Outlook user attempts to open and examine an email message, he or she may see that the body of the Outlook email is completely blank. This may occur for a number of reasons. As a result, we felt it necessary to write this essay, which will guide you through the process of troubleshooting such situations immediately.

Manual Methods to Fix the “Microsoft Outlook Not Displaying Email Content 2021”

The following are various workarounds that might be of great assistance in seeing and reading the body of email not showing in Outlook 2021. Therefore, let’s investigate how we might tackle such a problem.

If the Email Message in Outlook is Completely Blank:

  1. In this method, it is necessary for the user to turn off the add-ons. To do this, go to File >> Options >> Add-ins.
  2. After that, click Go after selecting COM Add-ins to repair the strong> error.
  3. Problem with the body of email not showing in Outlook 2021
  4. Now, de-select the add-ins that you are not currently using and click the OK button.

If the emails are in plain text format, then proceed with the procedures that are listed below

  1. Navigate to File >> Open the menu and go to Mail >> Stationery and Fonts.
  2. Choose Font >> Font colour >> Font size >> Font from inside Composing and Reading plain text messages. Choose the option that is Automatic.

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Final Words

When attempting to open an email in Outlook, you may notice that the ” body of email not showing in Outlook 2021″ not showing in Outlook error occurs. We have detailed various manual ways here, in this blog post, and those strategies may be easily followed by just putting the procedures into action.

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