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How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox Locally? Free Methods

if you are looking for methods to backup Office 365 mailbox locally for free in 2022, then you are on the right page. Here I will show you one of the best and most free methods to restore Office 365 emails locally.

As we all know, Office 365 is a widely used suite around the world. Most entrepreneurs and the biggest companies use Microsoft 365 to send and receive emails professionally and maintain their company’s data.

But sometimes, situations come when we have to take backup Office 365 mailbox locally for future safety and other reasons. Before starting the method, let’s have a look at the reasons why users want to restore Office 365 mailbox to a previous date.

Reasons to Backup Outlook 365 Emails Locally

  • We realize that there is a cost associated with storing information in Office 365, and that cost can be mitigated by creating a backup of the information stored in that environment.
  • Since Office 365 is hosted online, its users’ mailboxes are always vulnerable to intrusion and can be accessed by anyone.
  • A backup Office 365 mailbox locally is an excellent precaution to take in case any of your data is lost or deleted by accident.

Manual Methods to Take Backup Office 365 Mailbox using eDiscovery

Now here we will show you a completely free method to take backup Office 365 mailbox locally using the eDiscovery PST export Tool. Using this method, your data will save in PST format. that users can easily open PST files in Outlook.

But before starting the process, there are some points which you have to keep in mind:

  • The eDiscovery Software requires Windows 7 or later.
  • Required minimum version of the Microsoft.Net Framework.
  • To access the tool, you’ll need to use Internet Explorer to backup Office 365 mailbox locally.

Now follow all steps carefully to restore Office 365 email account:

  1. Firstly, sign into your Outlook 365 account and choose the “Admin Center” option.

    admin center

  2. Now click on the “Security & Compliance” option and from here choose the “Permission” choice.


  3. And then, click on the “eDiscovery Manager” >> “Edit Role” option.

    eDiscovery Manager

  4. When a role is assigned, from “Security & Compliance” choose the “Content Search” option.

    role is assigned

  5. Now click on the “+ New Search” and from here select which type of data you want to export.

    New Search

  6. Also, users can use the “Add Conditions” options for more filters to restore Office 365 mailbox to a previous date and hit the “Add” button.

    Add Conditions

  7. After that, select “Specified Location” and select the required location.

    Specified Location

  8. Now enable the “Exchange Email” and “SharePoint” options.


  9. Lastly, hit the “Save & Run” option to take a backup Office 365 mailbox locally.

    backup Office 365 mailbox locally

  10. And enter the name of the file and click on the start icon to restore Office 365 email account.

    restore Office 365 email account

  11. Now the tool starts the search in the background.

    starts the search

  12. After that, choose “More” >> Export results options.


  13. Hit the “Export” button to backup Outlook 365 emails. and again choose “Download Results” to set up the eDiscovery PST export tool.

    backup Outlook 365 emails

  14. Now select the “Install” button to download the tool to backup Office 365 mailbox locally.


  15. And then, browse the location to save the exported data and hit the ok icon.


  16. Lastly, hit the “Start” button to export the searched PST file locally.

    backup Office 365 mailbox locally

I know this is a lengthy process, but as we all know that manual methods always have some drawbacks and limitations.

Why Manual Methods are Not Good?

  • It’s a very slow and laborious procedure.
  • You can’t back up everything by hand, including your emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and so on.
  • The manual procedure requires expert-level technical knowledge for execution. Newbies should not attempt to use it.
  • A reliable and comprehensive backup Office 365 mailbox locally is highly unlikely, and data corruption is a real possibility.

More Information about Data Safety

Your data is backed up in multiple locations in case of a disaster, so you shouldn’t have to worry about its safety. If one database goes down, the other can take over, keeping everything running smoothly and guaranteeing that no information is lost.

It appears that Office 365 does not offer a built-in solution created especially for detailed backup and recovery. Even though Microsoft promises nearly one hundred percent availability, some administrators still favor making brick-level mailbox backup copies.

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What If Some Data are Already Deleted?

But what if some users accidentally delete vital emails? Ought they to hit the panic button right away? Simply put, it’s best if they find whatever’s missing as soon as possible. Microsoft’s Deleted Item Stability and Single Item Recovery features are there to help in such a situation. However, these will only be effective if the data you deleted was not otherwise eligible for deletion per your retention policies and you subsequently decided to restore it.

Time to Say Goodbye

There is a growing demand to backup Office 365 mailbox locally for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include the desire to reduce the size of the Office 365 mailbox or the want to protect data from unethical hacking. There are also automated tools available, in addition to the more traditional manual methods. When it comes to restore Office 365 email accounts, manual procedures such as e-discovery are ineffective and do not give a convenient interface. There are a lot of problems associated with using the manual method.

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